The Known World Project

I've got a new musical endeavor called The Known World Project debuting this month.  When the St. Paddy's season was effectively wiped out, I wanted to do something.  If I couldn't perform, I could at least continue to make some music.  My bandmate Dave, from The Selkie Girls, and I starting kicking around some new songs.  Since the band couldn't rehearse, we just starting working on arrangements back and forth.  Then we began to invite some of our musical friends to join in the fun.  We recruited Chris Buckley, a long-time friend from Austin, and world-class fiddle player, to add his magic onto some tracks.  Jaycie from The Selkie Girls with her ethereal vocals and warm flutes, Scooter Muse, great banjo and guitar player from Alabama, Cara Wildman on the bodhran, Martin McCall on drums.  And the hope is that more friends will eventually join in.  There are no limits. 


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Here's the first song - Wolves.  

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